Vale Royal Methodist Church is situated in Royal Tunbridge Wells, in the county of Kent in Great Britain. We currently have around 90 members, with a congregation on a Sunday morning typically about 50.

Our Sunday School usually has 10 to 15 children, ages ranging from 7 up to 14.

Services are held twice a week, Sunday mornings at 10:30, and Tuesday lunchtimes at 12:15. The Sunday morning service is a little over an hour, the Tuesday one only half an hour.

Once a month, the Sunday morning service includes Communion. Church policy is that all those who love The Lord, or seek to love The Lord, are welcome to join in Communion. We don't ask anything else and we don't exclude children from Communion.

Once a month we have "All Age Worship" at the Sunday morning service. The children stay with the rest of the congregation instead of going off to Sunday School after the first 20 minutes. The format of these services is intended to be accessible to the whole congregation.

The Church is available for Weddings and Baptisms. Baptisms are usually held during the Sunday morning services.

If you are in Tunbridge Wells on a Sunday morning or a Tuesday lunchtime, please do come and worship with us. We'll be pleased to see you, and we hope you'll find us a friendly Church.

Sad News

David Hall was contacted by Rev Keith Lyon recently who informed him of the recent death of Rev Ramsey Moore who was a much loved Minister here at Vale Royal over 20 years ago but it was felt that many will remember him .

Yvonne Spencer has a contact for his daughter should anyone wish it.